High School Coach Donates Bone Marrow To Toddler

High School Coach Donates Bone Marrow To Toddler

Last year, Bob Byers, a high school football coach in South Bend, Indiana, donated bone marrow to a toddler in New York named Tristan Thompson. Bob had never met Tristan. The donation was just a gesture of good will in order to help a child who was struggling with a rare, dangerous disorder.

Well, Tristan bounced back from the surgery and is now so strong that he was able to travel from New York to Indiana to meet Bob – and the team of football players Bob coaches.

The John Adams High School Eagles team welcomed two-and-a-half-year-old Tristan with open arms, making him an honorary captain and inviting him to watch the game from the sidelines.

The players were thrilled to have Tristan around. And, Bob – who’s a parent himself – was thrilled to see Tristan in good health, knowing that he played a big part in allowing him to continue growing up in a loving family. 

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