Brave Dog Reunited with Owner After Gator Attack

Brave Dog Reunited with Owner After Gator Attack

An amazingly tough and brave dog named Jack has been reunited with his owner after surviving an attack by a nine-foot alligator.

Somehow, Jack crossed paths with the gator in Ormond Beach, Florida, and the battle didn’t end well for him. Luckily though, Jack’s owner, Dan Westberry, was able to get Jack into the hands of a great veterinarian, who spent about five hours in surgeries with the injured dog.

Dr. Brad Mackenzie, who performed the surgeries, said seven-year-old Jack was a “good sport” -- and noticed that Jack’s tail was always wagging, despite all the trouble he was in.

Dr. Mackenzie was able to fix him up and -- along with other staff members -- nurse Jack back to health and send him home so he can get back to full strength once again. 

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