Kidney Donation Reunites Vietnam Veterans After 47 Years

Kidney Donation Reunites Vietnam Veterans After 47 Years

Two Vietnam War veterans got back together 47 years after serving in the Air Force together. But instead of just bonding over war stories, they’re also bonding over a donated kidney.

Three months ago, Doug Coffman and Jim McGee were catching up at an event. It was the first time the two men had seen each other since 1971.

During their conversation, Doug learned that Jim needed a new kidney. After that, it didn’t take long for Doug to offer up one of his and learn that the two airmen were a match for the transplant.

Without Doug’s offer, Jim could have waited another three to five years -- and would have had to continue dialysis many times each week.

The operation was a life-changer -- and was surprising, with both men marveling at the long odds of not just getting together again after decades apart, but also being able to impact each others’ lives in such a big way. 

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