A Helicopter Wedding Proposal

A California man has just made every other guy's marriage proposal look extremely lame after his epic surprise for his girlfriend.

Danielle Badger was asked to participate in a training exercise for a search and rescue team in Placer County, California. All she was asked to do was play the role of a lost hiker and wait to be rescued.

Danielle stood in a parking lot as a helicopter flew overhead. A rescuer then repelled down from the aircraft down to the ground.

The helmet-wearing man ran up to her carrying a medical bag and reached inside. He then pulled out a ring, took off his helmet and revealed himself. It was Danielle's boyfriend, Roger Makishima. He asked her to marry him and she said yes.

Roger works with the search and rescue team, but Danielle said she had no idea it would be him repelling from the helicopter. 

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