Siblings Surprise Dad By Buying Back His 1993 Ford Mustang

Back in the early 2000s, the Ryan family was dealing with some rough times. Laura Ryan was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and her husband, Wesley, had to sell his beloved 1993 Ford Mustang GT to cover the medical bills.

Laura recovered fully and has been cancer-free for 13 years – and nobody in the family had thought too much about that car …

That is, until recently when Wesley’s son, Jake, was scrolling through car listings on Craigslist and found the Mustang -- the exact same Mustang – for sale once again.

Jake and his sister, Jeni, purchased the car and surprised their dad with it by lifting a blindfold off his eyes and handing him the registration.

Now that the car is back in the family, Wesley and Jake are excited to tune it up and see how it feels to ride in it, so many years later. 

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