Restaurant Staff Surprise CoWorker, With a Car

Restaurant Staff Surprise CoWorker, With a Car

Kelly Toler is the night-time host at Baja Grill, a restaurant in Little, Arkansas. And to celebrate his birthday recently, his co-workers went the extra mile ... by chipping in and buying him a car.

For two years, 57-year-old Kelly has been getting to work on the bus, or by hitching rides with his fellow employees.

His co-workers appreciate his hard work and reliability so much that they came up with a plan to make things easier for him by getting him a car of his own.

At first, they handed him a fun birthday gift bag with a six-pack of beer, some candy and a gift certificate for groceries. He was thrilled with this generous gift.

Then, the employees called Kelly outside and presented him with the car.

Kelly was stunned and thankful, calling the gesture “overwhelming” and “the best day of his life.”

The staff stepping up like this was an example of good people doing something nice for another good person. 

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