Hero Dog Saves Toddler From Choking

The life of a toddler in England was saved when the family dog realized she was choking in her sleep -- and alerted the rest of the family that there was a problem.

One-year-old Chloe Showell was suffering from bronchitis, and that was enough for her to have trouble breathing during a nap.

The family dog, Louie, must have been standing guard because he realized there was a problem immediately, and then raised the alarm by barking and running around the apartment to alert Chloe's mother, Shannon.

Shannon was able to swoop in, pick up Chloe and pat her on the back to get her breathing freely.

Because of Louie’s swift action, Chloe was out of danger and is now thriving.

And, the whole adventure changed things in the family. Before, Chloe was afraid of Louie. But now, just like that, the two are best of friends. 

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