4 Year Old Saves Great GrandMother

4 Year Old Saves Great GrandMother

4 Year Old Saves Great GrandMother

In Sumter, South Carolina, four-year-old Carson Aycock and his 90-year-old great-grandmother, Hazel Wilson, were walking back from the park when Hazel slipped and fell and couldn’t get up.

After falling, Hazel looked up and was surprised to see that Carson wasn’t there. He was already running for help.

Carson knew enough to get his grandparents – and ran “really, really fast” to find them.

A woman who lives in the area saw Carson zipping down the sidewalk. She came to Hazel's side and called an ambulance.

In the end, Hazel needed four stitches and suffered some bruising, but otherwise is doing well and is in high spirits.

The family was happy that Carson acted so quickly and knew where to find help, but they weren’t very surprised, as Carson has wanted to be a firefighter since he was two years old – and even spends time at the fire station.

As for Carson, he said he wasn't scared when everything happened “because I'm a superhero.” Everyone in the family, especially Hazel, definitely agrees. 

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