Happy 15th Birthday Today to.... The Ringling Bridge

Happy 15th Birthday Today to.... The Ringling Bridge

The Ringling Bridge celebrates it 15th Anniversary, today.  On August 30th, 2003 the official Grand Opening Celebration was held. 

So in honor of it’s birthday… Here are five facts about the NOW, Sarasota landmark you may not know.

1) JReports Say that John Ringling actually drove a green Rolls Royce, over the first version over The Ringling Bridge on January 1st, 1926, before it was opened to the public one month later. Ringling donated the roughly $1 million bridge to the city of Sarasota shortly after.

2)  The Ringling Bridge is inspected every two years. It takes six people and two boats to perform the check-up — and this year the bridge received a clean bill of health.

3) More than 41,000 vehicles pass over the bridge daily

4) The John Ringling Causeway is 60 feet high and 3,000 feel long

5) The bridge is made up of 150 million pounds of concrete, cables weighing nine million pounds, and took 575,000 hours to build.


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