Family Donates Dog To Wounded Warrior

Family Donates Dog To Wounded Warrior

The Wells family of Red Bay, Alabama, had a bit of a problem. Their beloved German Shepherd Quincy was outgrowing their small home.

Once they realized they wanted Quincy to have more room – and even more attention – than they were able to give him, the family decided to donate Quincy to a training center so he could become a service dog for a wounded warrior.

Well, Quincy is now fully trained and was matched with veteran Paul Gregg, who served in the Air Force during the first Gulf War.

The Wells family was able to meet Paul and to introduce him to Quincy.

While the family was sad to say goodbye to Quincy, it boosted their spirits to know he was going to a loving owner, who lives in a great home -- and whose life will be improved in a big way because Quincy is around for emotional support each and every day. 

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