Police Officer Adopts Dog She Rescued From Fire

Police Officer Adopts Dog She Rescued From Fire

There are still some wildfires are still burning in California, but a lot of progress has been made in getting them -- and keeping them -- contained over the past couple months.

Two weeks ago near the city of Vacaville, a fast-moving fire was threatening the area and the police department was called in to help evacuate around 60 dogs and some cats.

Carly Stone was one of the officers working with animal control and other rescue volunteers, helping the dogs and cats. Amazingly, they were able to evacuate all the animals within 12 minutes, all while watching a fire make its way down a hill toward them.

Despite the chaos, Carly made a connection with a dog named Sean, who kept trying to sit in her lap while they were driving away in a squad car.

Carly was so taken by Sean that she went to visit him at the animal shelter -- and ended up adopting him.

Carly believes Sean recognized her during the shelter visit and is certain he was “super happy” in the truck on the way home.

It was definitely a reversal of fortune for Sean, who was a stray in the middle of wildfires just weeks ago -- and is now enjoying his life as a part of Carly’s family. 

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