Miami Hurricanes football players delivering meals to the homeless

The college football season is just weeks away, and the Miami Hurricanes are ranked 13th in the nation. Fans and sportswriters alike think the team will be very good on the field this year.

But, they’re also proving to be very valuable off the field -- as many of the student-athletes have been spending their weekends delivering free meals to the homeless.

Running back Robert Burns and his longtime friend Anthony Hasan -- who happens to play quarterback at Vanderbilt University -- started the Second Spoon food truck, with the goal of delivering food that would otherwise go to waste.

They began fundraising and converted a truck, which now serves food and water to homeless people around Miami.

Other teammates joined the effort. And, there has been such a positive response that Second Spoon is now hoping to operate a new food truck in Nashville and continue to partner with more churches and businesses so they can make an even bigger difference in their communities. (Miami Herald)