Off-Duty Trooper Saves Swimmer While On Vacation

Off-Duty Trooper Saves Swimmer While On Vacation

A woman swimming off the shore of North Carolina happened to be in the right place at the right time when she got caught in a riptide.

Getting caught by ocean currents is definitely scary. But, the woman was lucky because an off-duty trooper from New Jersey -- Craig Kempinski -- was swimming nearby and was able to swoop in and save her.

Craig noticed the woman in distress -- and quickly grabbed a body board and paddled out about 200 yards to the woman.

He then placed the woman on the board and brought her back to shore with the help of another swimmer who stepped up to help.

The woman was unharmed. And, after this quick heroic rescue, Craig was able to return to his vacation, knowing that he was still protecting and serving others, many miles from home. 

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