Gender Reveal Goes Wrong When Grandpa Gets Hit In Face

Gender Reveal Goes Hysterically Wrong When Grandpa Gets Hit In Face. 

When expectant couples hold gender reveal parties, they hope the event will go off without a hitch, but it seems many of them wind up failing. That was definitely the case for a couple in Northern California, who bravely chose a baseball-themed reveal - even though anyone who uses the Internet knows how often those don't work out

It all went down at Max McCauley's 27th birthday party when his wife, Brittany, used the occasion to surprise her husband by revealing the sex of their baby. She had him grab a bat and she wound up with the pitch, hurling a powder-filled baseball Max's way. Unfortunately, the pitch was too high and Max didn't swing for it so the ball soared past him, right into the head of his father Scott, where it exploded in blue powder. 

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