Mom donates onesies to Children's ICU

Ariana Toro has had a special connection with the intensive care unit at the University of North Carolina Medical Center ever since her son, Rowan, was rushed into emergency surgery just three days after he was born.

The doctors, nurses and support staff at UNC saved Rowan’s life -- and the ordeal inspired Ariana to lift the spirits of families who are currently being treated there.

Ariana is now giving away special onesies to every baby at the intensive care unit. She hopes that these "Brave Little One-sies" give parents emotional strength as their babies are being cared for.

And now, the gifts are the result of donations from others who have heard about Ariana's program. Anyone who gets a onesie these days also gets a personalized message from the family that bought it, which is just another reminder of support from the community. 

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