In the Middle of Her Chemo Treatment, 10-Year-Old Stands Up On Her Bed

To say that 10-year-old Darly Leviante is a fighter is putting it lightly.

Darly is battling an aggressive form of brain cancer, and spends her days in isolation, undergoing chemotherapy in a desperate attempt to save her life. She has grade four medulloblastoma-- it's aggressive, and at a very advanced stage.

But Darly doesn't let it get her down! According to her parents, her energy is amazing. And it's inspiring people around the globe! She wants other children who are fighting for their lives to not give up hope, and to never forget to smile!

To pass the time during her treatments, Darly stands up on her hospital bed and DANCES! 

Today we'll all be doing a little dance around the studio, in honor of Darly and the good vibes she's passing along around the world. We love you, Darly! Keep fighting, keep dancing, and never ever ever give up hope!



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