Jana Kramer Responds to Backlash After Taking Daughter to 'Discovery Cove'

Jana Kramer is standing up for herself. The country singer and mom of 13-month-old Jolie took to Instagram over the weekend to share her family’s trip to Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida. But the singer and actress received a less than positive reaction to her posts from social media trolls, who criticized Jana’s visit to, what some consider.... a controversial spot.

“I’m simply trying to be the best mom I can be and all I wanted was to take my daughter to a place where we could have fun and she could see this beautiful well taken care of creature up close and personal by some amazing and super kind trainers,” Jana wrote. Critics sited the 2013 documentary Blackfish, which showed the consequences of keeping orcas in captivity. But Jana’s experience was quite different.



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