The folks over at Happify did some research and discovered the secrets to happy relationships. With Valentine's Day right around the corner (tomorrow, you guys!), I thought we could all use a little reminder of ways to make our partners feel great, and improve our relationships overall. :)

  • 70% of happy couples say they were FRIENDS with their spouse first!
  • Happy couples report 5 positive interactions with each other for every 1 negative interaction. The good outweighs the bad!
  • Happy couples spend 5 or more hours a week talking to each other! Communication is key!
  • Happy couples share experiences together. Ie: trying new things, traveling, or going to concerts.
  • Couples that find ways to put a positive spin on tough situations have a 94% chance of experiencing a happy future together!

You can check out a TON more neat relationship facts HERE. :)