A North Carolina boy, Grayson Bruce, age 9, has been told by his school's officials that he has to start bringing a new backpack to school. Why? Because his current backpack is a "distraction" and a "trigger for bullying."

Grayson carries a My Little Pony backpack, and says he often gets made fun of by other kids at school.

A Facebook page in support of Grayson now has 30,000+ fans, and over 5,000 people have signed a petition in favor of Grayson carrying his backpack.

In my opinion, if a boy wants to play with "girl" toys, or a girl wants to play with "boy" toys, WHO CARES?! If it makes the kid happy, LET HIM. Why is it such a concern to anyone else?

And furthermore, instead of telling Grayson to get a new backpack, why not punish the other kids for bullying and being rude little brats? Seems to me like this is a great opportunity to teach a valuable life lesson.

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