Just in time for Valentine's Day, Miranda Lambert shares how she and Blake Shelton keep their relationship strong, even though they sometimes go weeks without seeing each other.

1. Communicate: "If you can't jump on the phone to chat with your significant other, keep up the texting." However, she says she isn't shy to end a text conversation when she knows her man has been drinking. "We know when it's slur text," she told iHeartRadio. "He's slurring in his texts, we're done. [laughs]"

2. Make time: "Make time for him at least once a week." Her husband has cited this as being the key to their relationship, saying "If she has time off and I'm not home, she'll come out and find me on the road ... that probably saves our relationship as much as anything."

3. Show some puppy love: "I'm a passionate dog lover. Don't forget your four-legged friends need unconditional love too!" While the pair isn't ready for their own little ones ... yet, Blake is satisfied with their furry babies, admitting to In Touch, "If Miranda's as good with a human being as she is with dogs, the kid's going to be golden!"

And I bet the couple keep their marriage strong with a few more tactics as well:

1. Randaritas: Blake isn't shy about his affinity for booze, and neither is Miranda, who created her signature drink that combines Bacardi, raspberry lemonade Crystal Light and a splash of Sprite Zero. The pair even celebrated their engagement by having a few ... in red solo cups.

2. Deer Season: While Miranda has voiced her frustration for the mess that comes with deer season, the pair both enjoy hunting. Heck, Blake even proposed in the woods near their Oklahoma home.

3. Two Houses: Before they married, Miranda relocated from Texas and bought a farm neighboring her then-boyfriend's. But now that they've tied the knot, will she sell her farm? "Hell no," she told W Magazine. "We mostly live at Blake's, but, if you're pissed, 10 miles away is far enough. If we have a fight, I can say, 'Go home' or 'I'm going home.'"

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