According to a new survey of 1,000 married couples over age 25 by MONEY magazine, husbands are actually happier when on equal financial footing with their wives.

MONEY asked couples to subjectively rate their happiness in relationships. Of couples where the wife earned as much or more than her husband, 83 percent reported they were happy or very happy (compared to 77 percent of couples where the wife earned no money or earned less). Also, 56% of men with wives who out-earned them reported higher levels of overall happiness in the marriage.

This is probably because the men with high-earning wives feel less pressure to be the sole provider of the household. When the earning is equally divided, some of that anxiety goes away.

Not surprisingly, the women who out-earned their husbands feel more stressed than women who don't. A quarter of women who were higher-earning specifically stated there was tension in their relationship due to their husband’s “lack of career ambition.”

If you're married, or in a live-in relationship, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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