Yesterday, I posted a story to my personal Facebook page, only to have a bunch of my friends start fighting with me on the internet.

The woman who wrote THIS story has a college degree, and chose to quit her full-time job in order to be a stay-at-home wife. Not a stay-at-home mom, but a wife (she has no kids). Her husband works, and she doesn't, and she can't understand why people think this is so strange, given the fact that she has no physical or mental malady preventing her from keeping a job. 

From the article:

On a typical day, I get up between 9 and 10 ...and I walk our two dogs, make the beds, and do a load of laundry. Then I clean whatever room is on my schedule. After the cleaning is done, the laundry goes in the dryer, and I take an hour of 'me' time — surfing the internet, reading blogs, returning e-mails, or responding to comments on my own blog, where I post book reviews and interior design ideas. After lunch, I usually work on a home-improvement project, like putting up trim or painting the bedroom, or I run errands or groom the dogs... By 3 p.m., I'm thinking about dinner — what to make, what ingredients I want to use up. I run to the grocery store if necessary. Dinner is on the table by 6:30.

I think the issue I have here is that, most of the women in my life--including my mom, my grandmothers, myself--have full time (or at least part time) jobs, and still manage to do all the things the writer talks about. Many also have kids, and are able to arrange their schedules in such a way so as to keep up with running the household AND have a job.

Check out the story and let me know what you think. For the record, I'm not dissing on stay-at-home moms...raising kids is a big job. But what do you think about a person who chooses not to work, even though they have no reason not to?