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Can We Go Back To Fourth Grade? This Teacher Just Dropped A Cool Back-To-School Rap

  Video - Screenshot   Teachers are awesome; they’re the ones on the front lines who are responsible for raising and teaching our kids when we’re not around....
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Skydiving promise to grandson saves 74-year-old’s life (Video)

  Video - Screenshot   Skydiving promise to grandson saves 74-year-old’s life...
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Dog Busts Bad Baysitter

Video - Screenshot   Super dog, Killian, is a true hero... Last week week he saved his family's baby from an abusive babysitter. Man's best friend to the rescue! ~ Maverick...
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Epic Proposal A Year In The Making

A boyfriend surprises his girlfriend with the most epic proposal video. When Josh Schmitz met Danielle Roesch, he knew there was something different about her. He spent more than year on a...
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Sheriff Deputy helps calm autistic boy using pushups

  Video - Screenshot   A County Sheriff's Office deputy was caught on camera, being an asset to his community and helping to calm an autistic young man down by coaching him...
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Cole Swindell's... "Middle of a Memory'... A Love Song or a Break Up Song?

  Video - Screenshot   I absolutely love Cole Swindell. He might be my favorite artist right now... But I'm a little confused. Cole Swindell's, new song "Middle of a Memory"...
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This Man's "One Sunflower" is Spreading Love WorldWide.

  Facebook - Screenshot   Here's proof that kindness is absolutely contagious! Secondly, this story reminds me that sometimes we can individually be a piece to a much...
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Little League World Series Coach Visits Mound to Tell Son How Much He Loves Him

  Twitter - Screenshot   Little League World Series Coach Visits Mound to Tell Son How Much He Loves Him.     Little League World Series Coach Visits...
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This Seal jumps on a boat to avoid being eaten by a Killer Whale

Video - Screenshot   If you're a seal and you're being hunting by whales, you do whatever's necessary to make yourself invisible. Check this out. 
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No Homework! Texas Teacher Praised for Revolutionary New Policy

Video - Screenshot   Brandy Young is a second grade teacher at Godley Elementary School in Godley. She passed out a letter to every parent at "Meet the Teacher Night" before...
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