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Drunk Mom Took Toddler to Bar, Punched Child and Officer

Mother of the Year candidate:  An Iowa woman is under arrest after taking her 2 year old to a bar with her, punching a cop and punching her own child.  Bonus mugshot goodness included:...
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Here’s a handy guide to what you should be cleaning in your home and how often: SEE IT HERE  
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Aging Danish lighthouse transformed into plus-sized kaleidoscope

An aging lighthouse in Denmark is about to be swallowed up by the sea, so they turned it into a giant kaleidoscope.  SEE IT HERE
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An adorable   video   is bringing the Internet and social media to tears. It shows the moment an Australian baby named Jordan Blair hears his mother's voice for the first...
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Caught on camera: Car wash carjacking fail

Two guys try to carjack and man at car wash, but they’re quickly defeated by the high pressure wash hose.     SEE IT HERE
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Ice Bucket Challenge funds help scientists discover gene responsible for ALS

People thought it was silly two summers ago, but the Ice Bucket Challenge Internet sensation actually gathered enough funds to make an important breakthrough in ALS research.  ...
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Men used stun gun to discipline children over failed push-ups

4 people in Florida were arrested after using a stun gun to discipline children over failed push-ups.     SEE IT HERE
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Cops Hunt Walmart Theft Suspect Who Made His Getway On A Mobility Scooter

Police in Tucson, Arizona are searching for a thief who stole merchandise from a Walmart and then got away -- on a mobility scooter. The same man is also a suspect in a previous theft at...
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TRON-Inspired BMW Radical Motorcycle Boasts Integrated Body Armor

Check out the new motorcycle concept from BMW, inspired by Tron.     SEE IT HERE
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Man fakes his own kidnapping to extort money from his mother

An Idaho man was arrested for staging his own kidnapping to extort money from his mother.  Bonus mugshot goodness included:     SEE IT HERE
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