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To Read This Book, You Have to Solve a Mechanical Puzzle on Each Page

To read this book, you must solve mechanical puzzles on each page: SEE IT HERE  
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WATCH: Florida mom launches vile racist rant at black neighbors

We have a Mother of the Year candidate from Florida.  She was caught on camera launching into a racist rant at her neighbors.  So classy… SEE IT HERE  
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Researchers successfully grow and implant cornea cells to cure blindness

Australian researchers are another step closer to curing blindness with their latest breakthrough.     SEE IT HERE
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Florida sex offender gets 70 years in prison for multi-state retail, child porn, drug scheme

A convicted Florida sex offender was sentenced to 70 years in prison for running a multi-state operation that dealt in retail theft, child pornography, giving drugs to children and witness...
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Man accused of urinating on Arizona Police station

Meet the Arizona man who showed up drunk at the police impound lot to pick up his vehicle.  Oh, and he urinated on the side of the police station.      SEE...
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Lockheed Martin hopes to turn your kids into astronauts

Lockheed Martin has developed a curriculum for middle school students to get them interested in space-related science and careers in the field.     SEE IT HERE
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Orangutans introduced to bubble machine at San Diego Zoo

See what happens when orangutans at the San Diego zoo are introduced to a bubble machine:     SEE IT HERE
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Girl Asks To Be Adopted At Her Own Graduation Party

An emotional   video   capturing the moment an 18-year-old girl asks her mother's longtime boyfriend to officially adopt her is bringing the internet to tears. Lauren...
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Shopper strips naked, tries on undies in store, puts them back on the shelf

Meet the lady in England who stripped naked in a store, tried on some underwear and then put them back on the shelf.     SEE IT HERE
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How will we live in 2050? A look at our virtual existence

Here’s a look at how we’ll live in the year 2050; a look at our virtual existence:     SEE IT HERE
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