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Not so funny now!

Well, you thought it would be funny to blast a horn at the drive thru, until you saw the tidal wave that was your large soda, land in your lap!
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Calm a crying baby with Blake!

How do you keep this little one happy? Play some Blake Shelton.
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That one time you collided with a shark! about no!
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Grandma loving virtual reality!

That time, that Grandma tried virtual reality for the first time.  Here she is on a roller coaster simulation.  It is classic! 
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Kimmel at his best!

I LOVE his on the streets videos and this is classic - Kids share what they are thankful for.  God love their honesty!
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Back To The Future with Toyota!

 I LOVE this campaign!!! Back To The Future nerds unite! 
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Luke calms down crying baby!

Know how to calm a screaming baby?  Play Luke Bryan.  This is VERY cute and pretty amazing.  Now, where was this advice when my babies we're born?
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Zac Brown = awesome!

Now, if Zac Brown did this to me - I would be pumped!
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Nailed it! Or should I say...nailed him!
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Oh my! It is truly the little things!

His reaction to the garage door opener is priceless! Although after a few beers, I would have the same reaction too.
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