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At home with Gwen and Blake

So Gwen brought the whole crew, including the band, her kids, you name it...all to Blake's ranch and caught the whole thing on Snapchat.  It's basically a home movie with Blake and...
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A little peek of the new Sunday Night Football theme!

A little taste of the new Sunday Night Football theme from Carrie! 
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Not so funny now!

Well, you thought it would be funny to blast a horn at the drive thru, until you saw the tidal wave that was your large soda, land in your lap!
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Calm a crying baby with Blake!

How do you keep this little one happy? Play some Blake Shelton.
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That one time you collided with a shark! about no!
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Grandma loving virtual reality!

That time, that Grandma tried virtual reality for the first time.  Here she is on a roller coaster simulation.  It is classic! 
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Kimmel at his best!

I LOVE his on the streets videos and this is classic - Kids share what they are thankful for.  God love their honesty!
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Back To The Future with Toyota!

 I LOVE this campaign!!! Back To The Future nerds unite! 
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Luke calms down crying baby!

Know how to calm a screaming baby?  Play Luke Bryan.  This is VERY cute and pretty amazing.  Now, where was this advice when my babies we're born?
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Zac Brown = awesome!

Now, if Zac Brown did this to me - I would be pumped!
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